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Married to the Games Podcast

"Kids, wives, and 9 to 5's but we're still married to the games." Married to the Games is a weekly podcast discussing video games, marriage, jobs and more. Join the crew of Gabe Patillo, Tim Rauter, Chris McCrackin, and Ed Placencia as they discuss all the latest gaming news, offer marriage tips and discuss the balance between family commitments and their love for the games.

Oct 25, 2019

This week the guys talk about Call of Duty de-listed in Russia, Steam and Epic Exclusivity, Taco Bell’s new Xbox One X promotion and much, much more!

Oct 18, 2019

This week the guys discuss Blizzard's tough week, Stadia's zero latency, Fortnite's black hole, and much much more!

Oct 11, 2019

Ed's sick but he's pushing through for us! The fellas talk a lot of Sony. New console news, remote play, and learning that even Alex Trebek gets it's wrong sometimes! 

Oct 4, 2019

This week the boys talk Logitech buying Streamlabs, PS4 cross-play for all developers, Microsoft keeping games to Microsoft and much much more!